15 Fillings to Choose From

Used to decorate, separate, complement, coordinate or to add distinction, these decisions can be the most fun. I make the best palette in regular and premium flavors and welcome your ideas about what isn’t on the list.

If you are ordering a layered cake, you get a filling of your choice.

1 Apple

2 Cappuccino Buttercream

3 Chocolate Buttercream

4 Chocolate Chip Cream

5 Cream Cheese Buttercream

6 Cookies & Cream

7 Custard

8 Dulce de Leche

9 Guava

10 Hazelnut Buttercream

11 Pineapple

12 Strawberry Cream

13 Vanilla Buttercream

Premium Fillings

1 Lemon Curd: Gently cooked icing with lemon juice produces a delightfully light and cool taste appropriate to many flavors or combinations.

2 Ganache: Based in chocolate and cream, ganache can be adjusted by liqueurs and extracts to provide exclusively what you want.